Lili Reinhart Talks About “Meltdown” Before Landing Riverdale Gig

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The young Riverdale actors’ rise to fame has gone zero to 100, and Lili Reinhart knows it. The actress shared her story about moving to L.A. to pursue her career and the bumps in the road she faced before landing the TV gig of a lifetime.

“[Four] years ago — at 19, I moved to LA for the second time,” Lili wrote on an Instagram Story text post. “I had moved out at 18, lived in LA for 5 months, and returned home after my mental health reached an all time low, and so had my bank account.”

She continued, “I went back to LA [for the second time] with very little money, and no apartment… just a friend who was willing to let me sleep in her bed … I applied for a job at Urban Outfitters and a tanning salon (don’t do that sh*t). Didn’t hear back from either of them. I signed a lease by myself… thinking that a friend would be joining me shortly in LA in a few months. The downpayment was $1200. Basically all of my money.”

“My friend told me that … they weren’t coming to LA. So I wouldn’t have a roommate. And I’d be paying for the rent all by myself. I had a meltdown,” she revealed. “But my friends and family told me that it would all workout. A few long weeks later, I booked Riverdale. Don’t really know where I was going with that. But I wanted to say these last 4 years have been a whirlwind. And I’m very grateful for the craziness that is my life now.”

“I’m also very thankful for the people I’ve met these last 4 years. Especially my Riverdale family,” she ended the post.

Lili’s words are inspiring for anyone struggling to make ends meet while they wait for their big breaks. The good news is that if someone like Lili MF Reinhart was struggling with money just a few years ago, then we all have hope to get out of whatever bad situation we’re all in.

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