Private Photos of Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse Leaked After iCloud Hack

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As catnip is to cats, so are Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse to internet hackers. In the latest in a string of celeb hacks, the Riverdale couple has had their privacy invaded once again, with private photos that Cole took of Lili being spread across the internet after the hacker preserved them for almost a year, it seems.

As of Wednesday morning, it seemed like the pictures had been taken down from nearly every social media site, with #Sprousehart fans working to report any iterations of the photos that they came across their feed. An anonymous Twitter account with the handle @K0leSpr0us3 claimed that the couple has been in contact with lawyers and would take legal action against anyone who shared the photos. Since the account is unverified, and the message about legal action hasn’t come directly for either of the star’s Twitter accounts, we’re gonna guess that it’s just an overzealous fan. But we totally support either of their right to take action against people who leak nude photos. We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again — it’s illegal, invasive, and a total d*ck move. That said, the whisp has seen the photos (we’re obviously not going to post them here because we’re not a**holes), and the photos aren’t technically classified as nudes. Instead, they’re more artistic shots where Lili is covering bits that might be considered “private.” Cole is also featured in one taking an artsy mirror pic.

This isn’t the first time that Lili and Cole have been hacked. A fake nude of Lili was posted to the internet of August 2018, just days after Cole’s Twitter account was compromised. Just days ago, both Cole and his brother Dylan Sprouse‘s Twitter accounts were hacked again. What is so interesting about these two Riverdale stars that people feel the need to repeatedly break into their devices?

If you feel the all-consuming desire to stare at some moody shots of Lili Reinhart shot by the budding fashion photog Cole Sprouse, please just go to his public Instagram, it’s literally full of them.


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