Lili Reinhart Slams Gov’t After Recent UNC Charlotte Shooting Hits Close To Home

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Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart is a hell of a lot more than just an actress. The 22-year-old speaks her mind and stands up against injustice time and time again, and we love her for it. This time, Lili was enraged after two died at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte when a suspected 22-year-old gunman went on a rampage at the college. According to the Gun Violence Archive website, this is at least the 107th mass shooting this year.

Lili, feeling like a lot of Americans are right now, voiced her distress at the American government’s inaction and wondered how many more students are going to have to die before the government makes significant changes to our lenient U.S. gun laws. Though she would probably be P.O.’d right now no matter what, this particular school shooting had a personal tie to the CW star — her cousin attends UNC at Charlotte.

“Another shooting in America,” she wrote on Twitter. “This time at my cousin’s college in North Carolina. 2 students dead. What is it going to take for something to change? … How many CHILDREN have to die? How much blood can be on our government’s hands before SOMETHING F*CKING CHANGES?” She finished the thought, writing what many of us are feeling right now, “I’m ashamed to be part of a country whose legal system does not value the lives of innocent children. Teachers. Students. Human beings.”

Campus police apprehended the suspect, Trystan Andrew Terrell, and he’s now been taken into custody, though law enforcement claims the alleged mass murderer was not previously on their radar at all as a person who might have the capacity to do this act of violence. As previously mentioned, two students were murdered and at least four other physically injured, not to mention all of the other students who will now have to cope with the emotional trauma we’ve seen so many survivors of school shootings deal with in the past.

Hopefully, UNC Charlotte will be able to offer the support their students need and we as a country can band together to hope that this kind of thing never happens again. But, until the laws change, there’s a feeling of inevitability that it tragically will.

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