Lili Reinhart Trolls Cole Sprouse Breakup Rumors Again On Instagram

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Instagram / Lili Reinhart

Is it just me or are Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse getting *a lot* of mileage out of those rumors that they’d broken up a couple weeks ago? The Riverdale costars and off-screen baes clapped back to reports from “credible sources” that alleged the pair had split this summer by confirming that “none of you know sh*t,” while posting their W cover shoot — but that was confusing because the actual article stated in no uncertain terms that the two were no longer together — and that things were rocky in their relationship when the interview took place last spring.

But then this week, Lili posted a “sappy” birthday poem for her man and put those Sprousehart split rumors to rest for good. Now, they’re just trolling us big time.

Lili commented on a video Variety posted to Instagram of Cole and the “Power of Young Hollywood,” cleverly writing, “Sources say he’s single now- is he available?” Girl, you’re killing us!

Lili Reinhart Trolls Cole Sprouse Breakup Rumors  em Again em  On Instagram lili trolls 576x1024 png

Instagram / Variety

Not going to lie, like so many other publications, we reported on Cole and Lili’s alleged breakup. But now, we’re just feelin’ a lil’ stupid. We live and we learn, right?

For a couple like Lili and Cole, who are so private about their personal lives and took a long ass time to even confirm that they were dating, it’s hard to know where they stand, especially when fans were concerned about how little time they were spending during the off-season before filming Riverdale season four. Lili and Cole taught everyone a good lesson. But at least they’re still all loved-up and getting some good laughs over the breakup rumors that rocked Riverdale fans in July. We’ll never underestimate them again.