Lili Reinhart’s Mom Slams Cole Sprouse Abuse Allegations

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Instagram / Lili Reinhart

This must be one of the worst parts of being the parent of a super-famous young star — having to deny vicious rumors about your kid’s relationship. That’s exactly what Amy Reinhart, mother of Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart, had to do this week after a woman on Twitter accused Cole Sprouse of abusing women including but not limited to his current girlfriend (on screen AND off) Lili.

Now, Amy is slamming the rumors and anyone who is @’ing her about it. “If you are tweeting me about things that are based on rumor and speculation and have absolutely nothing to do with your life please don’t expect a response from me anytime soon,” she posted on Twitter.

This is not the first time Cole Sprouse has been in the middle of abuse allegations. According to the talko, his former girlfriend posted on Tumblr once that he emotionally abused her saying she “develop[ed] something I can only feel is akin to Stockholm Syndrome. This weird feeling of trying to make excuses for the people who mistreated you… you’re just used to feeling like things were your fault.”

Another Tumblr post captured by Oh No They Didn’t shows her saying “I refuse to downplay my feelings then just so you all will leave me alone… reminds me of how [people] are like, ‘Oh my god Johnny Depp is such a nice guy…'”

Tumblr via Oh No They Didn’t

That said, she never came out against the star publicly and Cole never directly addressed the rumors himself (though he did tweet and delete something cryptic about abuse once). Whether you believe survivors or not, the real line was crossed when people decided that Lili was a victim without her declaring herself as one and then bombarded her mom saying that she doesn’t know her own daughter is being abused.

It’s important to note that Lili can — and would — speak up for herself if she wanted to or when she was ready and we have no right to force a narrative on her life when we aren’t privy to the inner workings of her relationship. All we can hope for is that Lili is happy and healthy in her relationship, and hopefully, Cole or his ex-girlfriend can directly address these abuse allegations properly so fans can stop with all the speculation.


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