Logan Paul Says His Love Life Is “Horrible” & Yeah, That Makes Sense

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YouTube / Logan Paul

Anyone who’s read any article we’ve written about YouTube star Logan Paul knows we’re not his biggest fans. His controversies date back way further than just that time he said he would “go gay” (and subsequently apologized) or filmed a suicide victim for laughs (and subsequently apologized), but those two examples should get the point across. Plus, he may-or-may-not be a Flat Earther, so there’s that, too. Even so, the YouTuber makes major bank.

For a while, Logan Paul was dating actress Chloe Bennet amid all his scandals, but the two decided to call it quits last fall. Then, just a couple weeks after the two headed to Splitsville, the dude showed up to a Flat Earth convention with model Casey Boonstra hand-in-hand and wearing matching tees.

Seems like the two couldn’t go the distance (probably because they were nervous they’d fall off the edge of our flat Earth) because Logan Paul said his love life is “horrible” in his recent “InPaulsive Podcast” with Alex Wassabi — then posted the clip to his Twitter with a telling “fml.”

As one commenter said, “maybe dont [sic] cheat on people and it might be decent.” And although it’s big bro Jake Paul who is most commonly associated with cheating (allegedly on Alissa Violet), there were rumors that Logan and Chloe broke up due to cheating, as well.

Logan Paul recently said he wanted to be more than just a YouTuber, and honestly — maybe he needs some time to lay low, reevaluate his life and decisions, then come back and be ready to find a girlfriend. Chloe Bennet had to withstand a hell of a lot of backlash for her decision to date someone who’s acted in the way he has and she had to weather comments from creepy stans who wanted to date Logan themselves. Basically, even if Logan is a trash person, the person who would even consider dating him is brave for willing to experience constant badgering for her choice. Then again, she’s probably a flat-Earther, so you can have too much sympathy.

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