Human Dumpster Fire Logan Paul Wants To Leave YouTube, Thank God

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logan paul wants to leave youtube

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Let’s take a minute to remember that Logan Paul is the worst. Seriously, how does he still have fans? In 2018, he posted a video laughing at a suicide victim in Japan’s Suicide Forest, but he still has nearly 20 million subscribers on YouTube. And despite his half-assed apologies, it’s not like he’s gotten ~better~ since then. In just the year since the Mount Fuji catastrophe, Logan has tasered dead rats, said he was going to “go gay” for a month, and released a documentary about how the Earth is flat. Like, he makes it look like he’s kidding, but Logan has been saying he’s a Flat-Earther for a hot second, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was actually a Flat-Earther.

Logan posted on IG Stories yesterday that he was thinking about leaving YouTube, thank God. Of course, he couldn’t even do that without acting like an ungrateful brat, and now we all have to worry about him trying to break into stand up comedy.

logan paul wants to leave youtube

Instagram/@loganpaul via We The Unicorns

Logan wants to go into stand-up comedy, music, film directing, and writing, but at least if he left YouTube, his base audience would no longer be tweens that don’t realize giving a fish CPR is technically considered animal cruelty. He said that being a YouTuber is “whack” because it won’t let him be famous for long enough, which is the most “white male entitlement” thing I, personally, have ever heard. Setting aside Logan’s assumption that he could do a year of soul-searching and come out on the other side as a ~film director~, it’s been projected by Money that he makes nearly a million dollars monthly just from YouTube streams, so this is like… *peak* privilege. He’s lucky to even still *have* a career on YouTube. TBH, I really hope he does quit YouTube to try to make it in stand-up comedy or something because then we’ll have Logan off of YouTube with the added bonus of watching him fail on a global scale.

Logan’s YouTube channel has been steadily gaining subscribers (proving that there is something seriously wrong with American teens) — Social Blade has tracked over forty thousand in the past month alone — and Logan is known for doing things just for shock value, like that time he told Shane Dawson he has sociopathic tendencies or that Flat Earth documentary, so odds of Logan making good on his promise to quit YouTube are pretty low. But a girl can dream, can’t I?

Logan hasn’t addressed his comments on social media, and he probably won’t. He has a podcast to run, a documentary to promote, and an entire world to troll. At this point, the only person who can save us is Susan Wojcicki.

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