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Lorde Shades Kanye West & Kid Cudi With Feminist Message After ‘Stealing’ Her Set Design

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lorde calls out kanye west


Lorde has an important message for Kanye West: Don’t steal from women. This weekend, the rapper and Kid Cudi debuted their Kids See Ghosts Tour, performing together from inside a glass box suspended in the air. Based on the videos and photos posted online, the concert looked pretty epic. However, if you’re a fan of Lorde, then you might have noticed that Kanye and Kid’s stage set resembles the stage design for her Melodrama Tour and 2017 Coachella performance…

The New Zealand-born singer also used a big, rectangular glass box during her tour back in March. The only difference is that Lorde stood in front of the transparent box on the ground while Kanye and Kid were inside it. Whether they actually copied her or not remains unknown, but the similarities were enough to get Lorde – someone who rarely ever uses social media – to speak out.

Though Lorde didn’t directly mention them by name, she did post photos of Kanye and Kid’s set and her set on her Instagram Stories on Monday night, November 12th – and there’s no denying they share some seriously similar vibes. Alongside the photos, Lorde also posted this message: “I’m proud of the work I do and it’s flattering when other artists feel inspired by it, to the extent that they choose to try it on themselves. But don’t steal — not from women or anyone else — not in 2018 or ever.”

lorde calls out kanye west instagram

Lorde/Instagram Stories

According to Variety, Kanye’s reps were asked whether he had rented Lorde’s stage set, but they said they believed the rapper had it built. Kanye and Kid have yet to respond to Lorde’s accusation, but TMZ points out that their floating stage was actually designed by visual artist Es Devlin, who’s worked with both artists. It’s also worth noting that Kanye did use a floating stage during his 2016 Saint Pablo Tour, but it was a much different design compared to what Lorde used.

Lorde and Kanye have previously had a reasonable relationship and there were rumors that they had plans to collaborate. She even sang two of Kanye’s songs – “Love Lockdown” and “Runaway” – during a concert in his hometown of Chicago. The performance led many fans to wonder if Taylor Swift‘s BFF had switched her allegiances in the infamous Taylor-Kanye feud. Clearly, we know this isn’t true since she has no problem speaking her mind and calling him out when he’s in the wrong.

Moral of the story: If you’re going to rip off someone’s work, at least be less obvious about it. And considering Kanye is a self-proclaimed creative genius, he should know better.

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