Louis Tomlinson Says One Direction Would “Make Up” Rumors About Niall Horan’s Sex Life

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Is nothing sacred for Ireland’s sweetheart Niall Horan? The former One Direction star has been pretty private about his romantic relationships over the years, but any 1D or Niall stans will know that he previously dated Ellie Goulding, Hailee Steinfeld, and even had a rumored fling with Barbara Palvin. We’re not even sure if any of that is true now, because his former bandmate Louis Tomlinson just revealed he and the lads used to tell a few fibs about Niall’s love life while on tour.

While speaking on Australian radio show Smallzy, Louis was pushed by the host to spill some 1D tea that would make for a good headline. He eventually admitted: “When I was in One Direction, sometimes we just used to make up different people that Niall had slept with on tour.” We’re not sure whether he was serious or not, but One Direction did spend a lot of time on the road — they had to entertain themselves somehow! What we’re taking from this is that Niall was that friend who was at the brunt of everybody’s jokes. Not surprising, bless him.

Despite Louis’s claims, one person we’re pretty sure Niall was involved with is singer Hailee Steinfeld. The two artists dated under the radar for most of 2018, despite never actually confirming that they were together. According to E! News, the young lovers split in January 2019 thanks to their conflicting schedules.

The good news is that Louis and Niall still seem to be pretty close if Louis is joking about him on live radio. Does that mean One Direction might be reuniting soon? Louis once said that a reunion would be inevitable, but when was the real question. He told ITN in May that he does “think it will happen. I’d certainly have something to say about it if it didn’t. I think it’s inevitable. When is the big question. That’s something none of us really know the answer to at the moment.”

That’s enough to keep us happy … for now.