Louis Tomlinson Slams Euphoria’s “Larry Stylinson” Scene & Says He “Wasn’t Ready” For 1D Split

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Larry Stylinson


No matter how much you ship Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, it’s just not going to happen, Directioners! The two One Direction members have been plagued by rumors that they’re secretly in love for years, with fans even giving them a couple name — Larry Stylinson. Despite the fact that fan fiction about the two has been circulating since 1D won The X Factor in 2010, Larry Stylinson went to a whole other level this year when the HBO show Euphoria featured a storyline about it.

Euphoria aired an episode earlier this summer that showed animated versions of both Louis and Harry performing sexual acts on each other. Louis said he “wasn’t contacted” about and “didn’t approve” the animations via Twitter after the ep aired. In a new interview with The Guardian, the 27-year-old singer revealed that, frankly, he’s over the entire thing.

“I know, culturally, it’s interesting, but I’m just a bit tired of it,” he told the publication. About the Euphoria episode, he said, “I get the cultural intention behind that. But I think … It just felt a little bit … No, I’m not going to lie, I was pissed off. It annoyed me that a big company would get behind it.”


In the interview, Louis also revealed how One Direction’s split “rocked” him, as he was finally gaining more confidence as a performer. “I wasn’t ready for it,” he said. “I felt like I was getting to be a better songwriter, singer, a more confident performer, and all of a sudden, when I felt I was finally getting some momentum …”

Louis has slowly been releasing new solo music since his split from One Direction in 2015, but he admitted that he still compares his own success to that of his former bandmates. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. I’ve never been competitive like that, but, naturally, you think: ‘If they’re getting this, then I deserve that.’ I think, the longer time goes on, I can see it for what it is and just be proud of them.”

Louis’s debut solo album is due to come out in 2020 — until then, we’ll be streaming some OG One Direction tunes. Read his full interview with The Guardian here.

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