Louis Tomlinson Slams Disrespectful TV Hosts Who Insisted On Family Death & Zayn Q’s

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Louis Tomlinson Rude TV Host BBC Breakfast

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One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson is going out on his own with his album release for Walls and while this is an exciting time for him — the recent death of his younger sister Félicité Tomlinsonn last spring and that of his mom three years before is part of the reason it took four years since 1D’s hiatus for the “Two Of Us” singer to release an album of his own.

According to other interviewers, Louis’s PR people insisted that no one asks about those tragedies per the singer’s request, but two radio DJs for BBC Breakfast named Dan Walker and Louis Michin apparently refused to adhere to the requests. Louis even suggested that he had also asked not to talk about Zayn Malik or a 1D reunion during the interview. “I’ve just released my first album, that’s what we’re here for,” he said during the talk. “You’ve ticked them all off — trauma, Zayn and we’re finally on [One Direction].”

The questions involved ones about how hard it is to sing “Two Of Us,” his song written about the death of his mom and abruptly asking, “You’ve had a bit of a spat with Zayn, how’s that going?” to which he responded, “You’re proper going in it, aren’t you? … I’m not ready to have that conversation yet and that’s fair enough.”

After the interview, Louis clearly wasn’t feeling too fondly about Dan Walker and “Defo wont be going on there again,” Louis wrote on Twitter. “Love to all my fans for always having my back.”

When Dan responded, “Sorry you feel like that… Can I ask what you are upset about?”, Louis wasted no time explaining himself.

“I was upset that you continued to ask me about my grief. It goes without saying how hard it is to lose both people so close to me. The least I ask is that you respect my decision of not wanting to be asked in interviews about something so [painful],” he said. “I’m lucky enough to have a creative outlet for me to talk about grief this doesn’t however give you the right to talk about it for gossip purposes.”

Louis’s album Walls is out now and if you want to know about his personal life, he’s written it all in his songs.

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