Mädchen Amick And Lili Reinhart Look Exactly Alike In This Insta Story

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madchen amick and lili reinhart look exactly alike

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Mädchen Amick shared a TBT on Instagram Stories last night comparing an old glamour shot to a recent photoshoot Lili Reinhart participated in with celebrity photographer Damon Baker. You probably know Damon as the photographer from that photoshoot of Ross Lynch that absolutely ruined all of our lives (scroll if you feel like dying a little):

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"The road must eventually lead to the whole world." I love this quote. Stumbling upon it as I was researching Jack Kerouac I suddenly found myself slipping into my memories of when I was living in my small town struggling to understand who I was, what I was here for, what to do, desperate to be noticed but not knowing where to start. I think finding your creative style is important in the beginning, I never really struggled with mine because I think that I was so inside my mind most of the time that the camera was my way to let it all out. I photograph in black and white mostly because I’m sharing my soul with you, sharing my emotions openly. My soul is not black but also not colorful so grey is the definition of me. I am not perfect but I also am not imperfect. I am not happy but I also am not unhappy. Thank you @ross_lynch for dancing to eighties rock ballads all day with me and letting me take your picture.

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Anyway, Damon has done it again, this time accidentally recreating a photo of Madchen that could honestly be from today or from like twenty years ago because that woman does not age. In her Insta Story, Mädchen adorably responds to the OP (her real-life daughter) that she had already talked to her on-screen daughter about the uncanny resemblance between the photos. Is it because they’re in black and white? Is it their eyebrows? Their curled blonde hair? All we know is that the mother-daughter duo could totally be mistaken for relatives IRL. Take a look yourself:

madchen amick and lili reinhart look exactly alike 2

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We were shook when Lili played teen Alice Cooper in Riverdale‘s Halloween episode, but that was mostly because Lili was finally allowed to wear her hair down onscreen. Our scalps hurt just looking at Betty Cooper‘s high pony week after week. While Lili-as-Alice did give us some Shelly Johnson vibes, we didn’t realize that the pair were lowkey twins until today, but Lili did take inspiration from Mädchen’s iconic Twin Peaks character when prepping to portray Teen Alice. Lili talked to Vulture about the detail she put into recreating Mädchen’s badass energy, right down to using the same Mac lip pencil she used while filming Twin Peaks. This is just another case of Riverdale clearly pulling inspiration from the David Lynch mystery series — the amount of throwbacks to ’90s cult classic is insane.

PS: Mädchen, if you’re reading this, please let us know your skincare regimen. Asking for a friend!

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