Mädchen Amick Asks “Frustrated” Riverdale Fans To Stay Positive, Posts #Galice Photo

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If you’ve been frustrated with Riverdale season three and how the storylines of your favorite characters (and ships) are being portrayed (or not being portrayed at all), Mädchen Amick hears your concerns, and she promises that the future is bright with the whole writers team working on “the storylines [we’ve] been hoping for.”

Saturday afternoon, 12/15, Mädchen took some time to respond to comments she’d been reading about Riverdale — presumably from the fans who were outraged over Falice (aka FP Jones and Alice Cooper) getting some scenes cut.

“Don’t worry,” She wrote. “Our amazing writer’s room sometimes pull scenes cuz they have an even better plan for the future. Stay positive fandom. We’ve got amazing stuff coming up!!!” You can read the whole tweet below:

While we’re sure Mädchen knows what she’s talking about, many fans are asking for the Falice deleted scene as a Christmas special release.

The midseason finale for season three of Riverdale showed the reappearance of Gladys Jones, FP’s ex and Jughead‘s mom. And while some of the Riverdale fandom is still strictly Falice-shipping, a new ship has risen: Galice — the partnership between Alice and Gladys.

Mädchen herself just might be interested in this pairing. After imploring the fans to “stay positive,” she posted a series of photos with Gina Gershon and said “FP who?”, mentioning she “welcomed our #Gladys To #Riverdale with a quick make-out session.”

Gina is just as excited about her Riverdale addition and posted a similar photo and caption to Instagram.

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