Madelaine Petsch’s Ex’s Fiancee Claims Riverdale Star Was High School Bully

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One of Madelaine Petsch‘s old high school classmates is coming for the Riverdale star with claims of her being a bully when they went to school together. The Reddit user claims she’s currently engaged to Mads’ ex and is spreading what Choni stans are calling “vicious slander.”

The original post has since been deleted, but thank god — screenshots are forever. “what DOES grind me gears is as an ex-high school classmate of her, her recent interviews on anti-bullying [sic] … Madelaine treated [one of my best friends] like trash whenever she opened her mouth in the mentor peer group [they both participated in],” the Reddit user said. “Putting aside the reasons I think she was absolutely character cast for Cheryl Blossom based on my fiancee’s experiences (which was high school, not even relevant), I half expected her anti-bullying message to focus on her behavior towards degrading wom[en] in high school rather than victimizing herself for being a ‘redhead.'”

She continued, “Pretty sure she did not have a South African accent… she was THE CLASS bully. From day one, miss Petsch had an attitude of ‘I’m going to be famous whatever it takes”. She refused to interact with people she saw as ‘below’ her and was very condescending and came from a highly privileged family. That’s probably why she made it. It was kind of a running joke when she got cast for Cheryl Blossom.”

The allegations didn’t stop there. “For my female friends that were mocked by her, sweet open girls, not drama seekers, I wish Petsch would have taken the time to instead of victimizing her own bullying experiences, make apologies to the countless girls she put down and ridiculed during our high school career.”

That’s pretty much the gist, but you can read the whole post captured by @rreinhurts on Twitter.

Because many Redditors didn’t believe this girl actually went to high school with Madelaine, she shared high school yearbook photos of Madelaine from back in the day. Gosh, it’s funny to think about how Riverdale would be different if the actors were *actually* the age of their characters.

With all the pretty damning sh*t the Redditor said about Madelaine Petsch, she did also say that Mads called her ex (the Redditor’s now-fiancee) to apologize for what went down with them when they broke up. The Redditor said that it “was not [her] place to share” details of their breakup. Fair enough.

Some Cheryl Blossom fans think that posting her high school yearbook photos act as proof that Madelaine *wasn’t* a bully.

But, all the above information should be taken with a grain of salt. As Madelaine’s Riverdale costar Lili Reinhart would say, “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, kids.”

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