Marie Avgeropoulos Talks The 100 Series Finale & Her Sonic Scream in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

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marie avgeropoulos interview the 100 season 7


The 100 season six finale left the fate for Octavia Blake up in the air when she disappeared into thin air. While Marie Avgeropoulos filmed The 100 season six, the actress also got the chance to take on a voice role in the animated Wonder Woman flick, Wonder Woman: Bloodlines alongside Rosario Dawson. the whisp sat down for a round table interview with Marie at New York Comic Con 2019 and we asked about the differences between her live-action acting work and that for animation, and how Marie and The 100 cast feels going into the seventh season — which has been revealed will be the show’s last! Don’t worry, Marie will be back.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is my very first kick at the can at anything animated so I’m really honored to be involved in something as epic as this project with this amazing cast,” Marie said. “Usually, I’m used to telling stories with my body, so to tell a story with my voice is completely different; it’s a totally different beast. But a rewarding one, too.”

“I recorded [Wonder Woman: Bloodlines] in Vancouver because that’s where The 100 films. So I got the opportunity to sneak Silver Swan in while playing Octavia,” Marie mentioned, adding that she loved rolling up to work for Wonder Woman in her pajamas. While that was fun, she’s not looking forward to leaving live-action work behind — and she’s especially nervous for wrapping up The 100 and her time as Octavia.

Marie said, “I’m not looking forward to the last shooting day because I know I’m going to cry, for sure. It’s going to be weird to say goodbye to a character that I’ve played. It’s going to be sad to say goodbye to Octavia. I’ll put her on a shelf and thank her for all the things that she’s taught me over the years. It’s bittersweet.” We’re struggling to see the “sweet” in that, but we’re sure Marie knows what she’s talking about! Perhaps it’s that without the restrictions of needing to be in Vancouver for months every year, no The 100 commitment means more time for Marie to take on new roles that she can connect to.

When asked about her favorite thing about her character in Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Marie said, “I love .. how you can see her transformation. I had the opportunity to play her as Vanessa, as a young adolescent girl. And then she transforms into a bit of a gothic girl in high school. Due to the resentment, she has towards her mother and Diana. Then later you’re going to meet Silver Swan and the complicated relationship she has with Diana.”

“I really enjoyed the process of trying to pull off the Sonic scream… there was a long of hot water and lemon and some throat lozenges. But the fans are going to be really happy about it.”

We’d definitely say she pulled it off….


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