Miley Cyrus’s Ashley O Alter Ego, Explained

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Instagram / Miley Cyrus

You might have noticed, but Miley Cyrus’s social media looks a little different. On June 5, the “We Can’t Stop” singer changed the names on her Instagram and Twitter profiles to “Ashley O.” She also changed both profile pics to shiny snaps of herself sporting a purple wig. We gotta say, it’s quite the lewk. If you’re worried that the brand new aesthetic is some kind of Hannah Montana rebrand, don’t be alarmed. It’s actually just a promotion for the new series of Black Mirror which began streaming on Netflix on June 5.

Miley plays pop star Ashley O in the final episode of the series, “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too.” On the episode, Ashley O struggles with the difference between the kind of true-to-life music she wants to write, and the bubblegum pop music her managers want her to play. Because this is Black Mirror, there’s also a nefarious technological twist, which comes in the form of Ashley Too, a robotic copy of Ashley O, who is capable of interacting with the star’s fans on a personal level. Which, okay, actually does sound kind of similar to Hannah Montana, so maybe Miley’s trying to reveal something about her Disney days through this creepy Black Mirror ep.

It’s been a big week for Miley. She released She Is Coming, a 6-song EP last Friday. On June 4, she took to Instagram and Twitter to fight back against trolls after a video of her being groped by a fan surfaced. The “Party in the USA” star has been tweeting up a storm in-character as her Black Mirror alter ego while hospitalized with an allergic reaction to shellfish.

Fans have been loving the new social media presence, with some calling attention to the similarities between Ashley O and the character Lola from Hannah Montana. While there’s no word if Ashley O’s song (which is actually a bop!) will be available on streaming services anytime soon, Miley’s new EP She Is Coming is available to stream RN.

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