Miley Cyrus & Lili Reinhart Brag About Boyfriends & Sex Life on IG

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miley cyrus and lili reinhart

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We have so many questions: Why are Miley Cyrus and Lili Reinhart following a meme account? Are celebrities really just like us? Are we really supposed to believe Jughead Jones/Cole Sprouse is 6’0″?

commentsbycelebs noticed late last night that Miley and Lili both took to Instagram to brag about their boyfriends on a meme posted by the sourpsycho meme account. While I’m not even a little surprised that Miley’s fiance Liam Hemsworth has good dick game, no hoes, common sense, empathy, and a height about 5’9,” I’m going to need a doctor’s note confirming Cole Sprouse’s height because he doesn’t really give off BDE but he definitely gives off SGE (Short Guy Energy).

I’m thrilled that Miley and Liam are so happy. Their second-time’s-a-charm success story is a rare one in Hollywood. Also it’s hard to imagine the real-life Bughead with anyone besides each other when they aren’t filming on Riverdale. Sure, we’ve got to wonder why Lili and Miley both felt the need to brag about their love lives on a meme page of all places. But it’s possible we’re just salty because what the meme really should have said it that “no non-famous, regular guy has all 5.” Like, what, we’re supposed to be inspired that they managed to find a hot, educated boyfriend who isn’t cheating on them in Hollywood. (Okay the non-cheating in Hollywood part actually probably is hard to find.) But that’s definitely not on the same level as me trying to find a dude over 5’9″ at a finance-bro bar.

Once again, congrats to Miley and Lili on achieving peak dickmotization, but please stop comparing yourselves to the rest of us plebians who need to rely on Tinder for our dating lives.

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