Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez Chime In On Recent Miley Cyrus Instagram

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Instagram Stories / Miley Cyrus

TBT — and by that, we mean Throwback Tuesday because three of our favorite Disney Channel stars from the mid-’00s are reminicing on Instagram and so are we. Miley Cyrus posted a resurfaced video of herself and Selena Gomez singing along to her ~*ICONIC*~ bop “7 Things” (which still SLAPS today, BTW) writing, “Your generation = 7 Rings / My generation = 7 Things … Simpler times. @selenagomez #MillenialsVSGenZ.” Now before you start thinking this is Ariana Grande shade, don’t. Ari said the Miley track “defined” her and Miley later tagged Ari asking her to cover a strange tune repeating “Miley slays” claiming it would guarantee another “spot on the charts.”

Now as if that wasn’t enough, Demi also commented on the Instagram video writing, “Iconic” and Sel wrote, “tbt – such babies” with a double-pink heart emoji. Though Miley didn’t respond to Demi’s comment (on this one, the two have been going HARD on IG stories), she wrote back to Selena saying “yasssssss,” sending us Disney-kids-turned-almost-real-adults into a complete frenzy. This is doubly-funny because everyone knows that Miley infamously wrote “7 Things” about ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, who *allegedly* dumped her for Selena. And though there have been longstanding rumors about a feud between these two tween queens ever since 2009, now that Nick J. is off the market and married to Priyanka Chopra anyways, we can all take a chill pill.

Miley also seemed to call out the Jonas Brothers when she tweeted about her “ex,” then replying with a photo of herself wearing a JoBros tee-shirt back in the day. MILEY, can you please explain this? Has Nick Jonas done something to make you wanna shade him? Or are we all just listening to “Sucker” so much that we have Nick J. on the brain?

We’re going to hope there’s no drama between our favorite former Disney celebs and if there is, well, we’ll be dissecting everything they post anyways, so we’ll find out in due time.

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