Miley Cyrus Shouts Out Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens in Newest Disney TBT

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Miley Cyrus Shouted Out Zac Efron

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The Jonas Brothers broke the internet when they released “Sucker” a month ago, heralding the beloved band’s comeback after a six-year hiatus. The heavy wave of nostalgia hit Miley Cyrus harder than anyone, and the throwbacks haven’t stopped since. First, she posted TBTs with Demi Lovato and Ashley Tisdale on her Instagram Stories, then she brought her Hannah Montana wig out of retirement, and now she’s jamming out to High School Musical.

Miley knows what’s up. Wearing an on-the-nose Mickey Mouse t-shirt, Miley shouted out Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens for shaping a f*cking generation because they shaped our f*cking generation. Miley’s one of us, y’all! And in case anyone was wondering, she’s still got it — her silky vocals belting out “Breaking Free” along with the voices of our fave Disney-era couple is the collab we never knew we needed. Sure, it probably only happened because Miley was smoking a J in her car, but she’s just being Miley.

Our girl continued with “Stick To The Status Quo,” pointing out that she’s “glad in 2019 that we’re challenging this garbage.”

IDK if climbing an endangered yucca tree really counts as challenging the status quo, but go off I guess. Miley tagged her fellow Disney stars, but they’ve yet to respond. In our wildest dreams, this would lead to the HSM team covering some of Hannah’s classics (“He Could Be The One,” perhaps?), but only time will tell.

Miley started out her carpool karaoke with a video singing along to “So Yesterday” by Hilary Duff, a Disney jam from slightly before her time, proving that even stars grew up idolizing Lizzie McGuire.

The release of “Sucker” happened to come close to the thirteenth anniversary of Hannah Montana, and with Miley teasing her long-awaited return to music, it’s no wonder the “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” singer is feeling nostalgic. Actually, the last time she tweeted a bunch of videos singing in her car, she was jamming out to Migos in her Hannah Montana wig.

Miley showing some appreciation for High School Musical and our girl Hilary, and “Hannah” remembering old hits while talking about drugs and switching to Migos kind of sums up millennials perfectly. Welcome to 2019: You childhood is back, and it wants to take molly with you.

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