Miley Cyrus’s IG Pics Spark Eating Disorder Rumors, But Fans Think Haters Are Skinny-Shaming Her

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Miley Cyrus blessed fans with more than ten pics of herself in the last 24-hours while she has fun in the sun and nature during a recent getaway with her mom and sister, Tish and Brandi Cyrus. While the photos showed her lounging on a big-ass rock, kayaking, and snuggling up with her pup, it’s a photo where she’s posing in a cave that’s garnered the most attention — mainly because of the way Miley’s body looks.

The comments section were flooding with comments like, “She needs to find a cheese burger,” “Eat something please!”, and “Damn girl, eat a burrito or something!” And while those comments seem like pretty obvious examples of skinny-shaming, one fan put it more bluntly, writing, “Do you have anorexia [sic].”

But not all of her fans believe she’s sick, and some are coming to her defense. “I’m just trying to figure out why so many people are body shaming her [sic],” one fan wrote on Instagram. “I’m sick of seeing people say shes [sic] anorexic or doing drugs. Shes [sic] ALWAYS been skinny. Has she lost even more weight ?? Absolutely[,] but you dont [sic] know the reasoning behind it! Do not judge!”

After all, Miley Cyrus is currently going through a divorce with Liam Hemsworth, who she dated off and on for a decade. Then, her rebound relationship with Kaitlynn Carter recently ended, too. A getaway with her mom and sister seems like the perfect way to help heal from all the romantic loss.

This isn’t the first time that the “Slide Away” singer has been plagued by eating disorder rumors. Back in 2012, she wrote on Twitter (via Just Jared Jr.), “For everyone calling me anorexic I have a gluten and lactose allergy. It’s not about weight it’s about health.”

Since 2012, Miley’s also started promoting a vegan diet thanks to her love for animals, which could also have something to do with her slim figure. All the we can hope is that Miley Cyrus is taking care of herself and that her fans don’t use her image to justify any disordered eating of their own.

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