Nancy Drew Star Kennedy McMann Has Perfect Response To Rumor She’s Dating Her Costar

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Nancy Drew is one of the hottest new shows on The CW and Kennedy McMann just keeps on proving that she was the right choice for the titular feminist icon.

The morning after Nancy Drew season one, episode 15 premiered on The CW, Kennedy logged on to Twitter to say that the actor who plays her dad, Scott Wolf is “really is as great as he seems to be.” Totally cute showing love for a talented costar. After all, TV shows with tight-knit casts are way more fun to watch.

But one fan thought that Kennedy praising a man on Twitter *must* mean that she has a new boyfriend — who cares if Scott plays her on-screen dad and she’s happily engaged to Sam McInerney, who she’s been dating for five years?

Kennedy didn’t miss a beat responding to the “New boyfriend?” question with a snarky comeback. “[Y]eah the guy who plays my dad on the TV show we’re on is my new boyfriend. don’t worry, my fiancé and his wife are totally okay with it,” she wrote. She then followed it up writing that it was “a casual PSA that women can care about and support men who they aren’t romantically involved with.”

Remember what we said about a “feminist icon”?! Exactly.

Kennedy is one of many actresses on The CW who serve up major girl power on the daily. Riverdale‘s Lili Reinhart is known for her sassy responses to daily sexist B.S. and Supergirl star Melissa Benoist is basically a walking inspiration to us all. Can these three women team up for something? We’re not sure the world can handle that much feminism but we certainly can.

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