Nash Grier Is Trending Because He’s “Going To Be a Dad” But… He’s Not

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If you’re like me, then you probably saw Nash Grier was trending on Twitter and thought it was because he did something problematic (like tweeting gay slurs or making a racist/sexist video, things he’s done in the past). Or maybe you thought the app that made him “famous,” Vine, was making a comeback. (RIP.) You were probably then stunned to see hundreds of tweets saying they “can’t believe Nash Grier is going to be a dad.”

Well, it’s a good thing these people can’t believe it because chances are Nash Grier is not going to be a dad and this is all some whacky internet rumor.

The rumor seemed to start with this tweet:

…which was posted after Nash’s girlfriend of four years, Taylor Giavasis was tagged in her friend’s Instagram Story cradling her belly. And, sure, the belly looks slightly more protruding than what we’re used to in her selfies, but it’s probably just a food baby or bloating. Hasn’t everyone ever learned to take a joke?

We highly doubt that Nash and Taylor would decide to announce they’re having their first child on their friend’s IG story, and four days ago Taylor posted this picture to Instagram where she doesn’t look pregnant at all:

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Even the person who started the rumor is starting to think she maybe jumped the gun after seeing the video. Just look:

Long story short, everyone needs to chill. Nash is not going to be a dad. Taylor’s friend Kelsey confirmed it in another Instagram story.

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