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Pete Davidson Got A Tattoo Of His New Pet Pig With Ariana Grande

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New Pete Davidson Tattoo

Ariana Grande/Instagram

Another day, another #Pariana relationship update! After a whirlwind summer romance filled with an engagement, a new apartment, and frequent displays of affection, Pete Davidson has declared his love for Ariana Grande yet again after getting another tattoo. This time though, he got some new ink to celebrate the newest addition to his and Ariana’s family: a little piglet.

Over the weekend, the “God Is a Woman” singer shared some of the most adorable photos and videos of a tiny pig snuggled up on her shoulder and sleeping in Pete’s lap. She posted to her Instagram Stories with no explanation, leaving fans wondering if the pig belonged to them or not.

We can now pretty much confirm that the piglet is the couple’s new pet because Pete went ahead and got a tattoo of the little guy on his body! If you follow Ariana on IG, then you probably saw her post a ton of photos as she walked around New York City. It appears as though her fiancé was with her and the two stopped by a tattoo shop for an impromptu session. Luckily for us, NYC-based tattoo artist, Mira Mariah (@girlknewyork), posted a photo of the comedian’s new ink.

While Mira didn’t straight up say this tattoo was Pete’s, it’s obvious that it’s his body in the photo since we can see the massive “Davidson” tattoo on his ribcage. In the pic, we can also see some fresh ink, which we can assume are connected to Ariana in some way. One is an image of Winnie the Pooh holding a balloon and the second is a piglet signed with the name “Piggy Smallz.”

Though we have no idea why the Saturday Night Live star chose to add Winnie the Pooh to his vast collection of tats (maybe it’s because Piglet’s best friend is Pooh Bear?), the latter is a little more obvious. How cute is the name they chose for their new pet? It’s pretty clever.

Tattoos are great ways to mark major life events and getting a pet with your S.O. is definitely major! Shortly after the pair went IG official, Pete got a tattoo of the bunny mask from Ariana’s Dangerous Woman album cover behind his ear. Then, they both got matching cloud tattoos on their middle fingers, as well as the words “reborn” and “H2GKMO.” Ariana also got Pete’s late father’s badge number (8418) tattooed on her foot and the word “always” inked below her ribcage (a reference to the couple’s love for Harry Potter), which fans believe was written in Pete’s handwriting.

It’s safe to say there are definitely more tats to come in their futures.

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