Niall Horan Brings The Receipts After An English Radio Host Accuses Him Of Lying & Glory Hunting

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Niall Horan Brings The Receipts After An English Radio Host Accuses Him Of Lying   Glory Hunting 38864557 696656114026388 8995722999046864896 n jpg

Instagram / Niall Horan

Niall Horan is a Twitter sass master and we love him for it. This week, the ex-One Direction star has gotten himself tangled up in a social media spat over something he’s super passionate about… football.

Earlier this week, the 25-year-old reignited an old feud with Leeds United football club that started all the way back in 2018. It all kicked off in October when Niall tweeted saying “nobody likes Leeds” when a Twitter user asked him to wish them luck in the English Football League Championship.

It wasn’t long before the Championship club responded, sassily writing: “No one likes your solo career #BringBack1D.” Ouch. It looked like Niall was going to let things go, until Wednesday when, five months later, he decided to reignite the feud with Leeds.

“@LUFC . Between @dcfcofficial and I we’ve played at Wembley more times in the last 12 years than you lot . 👋” he tweeted on Wednesday, referring to himself and football club Derby County.

If you think the drama stops there, you’d be wrong. Yesterday, Niall decided to tweet his praise for Derby County, saying that he and his dad have been lifelong fans. English radio host Roman Kemp then tweeted the singer, accusing him of only recently following the club and “glory hunting.” What Niall did next was brilliant and brutal.

The sports fanatic replied with a single photo of himself as a child in a Derby County jersey.

Niall really knows how to serve up those receipts!

[Update 5/17/19 17:46 EST]
Niall’s faithful fans have pointed out that Niall and Roman Kemp are actually friends. Naturally, we had to do some research instead of just taking some rando Twitter user’s word for it. But after we found this video where Roman calls him a “pal,” we believe @Linda3760. Thanks for the tip!