Niall Horan Hilariously Drags Fan Who Says His Butt Needs More Attention

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Niall Horan Drags Fan on Twitter


Harry Styles is the One Direction star who just dropped an album that’s making us ugly-cry, but Niall Horan is the former 1D guy who’s cheering us up with his 10/10 sense of humor. The Irish cutie performed at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball and a video of him singing a hit from his first studio album called “Slow Hands” quickly made the rounds on Twitter. His dance moves are adorable, just sayin’!

But when a Nialler fan responded to the video writing, “We need to appreciate Niall’s butt more smh,” Niall wasn’t exactly flattered by getting objectified. But in classic Niall fashion, he made light of the situation with a hilarious joke — that completely dragged the Twitter user.

He wrote back, “Yeh [sic] I agree. We need to forget about my songwriting, musicianship, creative being and just really focus on my arse.”

In fact, Niall went on a bit of a Twitter spree responding to fans. He told a fan, “Once you are in the building it’s fine .. With my show I’m making sure that even if you’re up the top, you’ll see me just fine,” when a fan wanted to know if she should upgrade seats even though she is broke, described himself as “hunk” in a photo set from his Saturday Night Live outfit, and completely trolled Americans for not understanding sarcasm. (BTW, I’m American and I totally understand sarcasm, so…)

We absolutely stan a celebrity who interacts with their fans and Niall is one of the greatest. His second studio album will be out in early 2020 and his North American tour kicks off in April. See you soon, Nialler!

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