Niall Horan Drags Piers Morgan For His Comments About The US Women’s Soccer Team

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We appreciate Niall Horan for more reasons than one. He was the dark horse of One Direction, his solo album was a banger, he’s Irish (duh), and he’s absolutely hilarious on Twitter. Niall isn’t afraid to speak his mind online, which is funny seeing as he kind of kept to himself while in One Direction. One of the subjects he tends to passionately speak up about from time to time is sports, which is a topic he has plenty of opinions on.

The latest celeb on Niall’s list of sassy Twitter encounters is none other than Piers Morgan … shocker. We all know that the US women’s soccer team came out triumphant at the World Cup this week, which is definitely something worth celebrating, but Piers couldn’t help but criticize how the team celebrated their incredible win with this rude tweet.

“Jeez….I’m all for celebrating success but the insufferable smuggery of this lot is becoming very, very annoying..”

Sounds super bitter to us … and Niall. The 25-year-old decided to reply to Piers’s tweet with a simple question: “What about your smuggery?” Flawless.

This isn’t the first time Niall and Piers have gotten into an altercation on Twitter. In fact, it’s not the second time either. In 2012 Niall asked Piers if he “lived on Twitter” after the presenter made a comment about the Tottenham football club.

Three years later, Piers dragged Niall’s performance at the 2015 Masters in Augusta when Niall caddied for Rory Mcllroy. During that encounter, Niall savagely ended 54-year-old Piers by tweeting “when was the last time you caddied at the par 3 at the masters piers? Oh yeh never ! Back to bed old man!” HE WASN’T WRONG.

Piers hasn’t responded to Niall’s latest tweet about his smuggery just yet, but we all know that he’s not one for keeping his mouth shut …

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