Niall Horan & Lewis Capaldi Mock ‘Shawmila’ With Grammy After-Party Kiss

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We stan two men comfortable enough in their sexuality to kiss each other — especially when they’re doing it to mock the PDA between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. Though ‘Shawmila’ didn’t share the stage at the GRAMMY Awards last night — or even walk the red carpet together — the two partied after the show with Niall Horan and Lewis Capaldi.

In videos uploaded to Twitter, you can see the foursome dancing on a table while “Mr. Brightside” blasts on the radio. When Shawn and Camila get into one another’s faces to sing-shout (and kiss), Lewis and Niall decide to do the same thing. And, behold, the cutest kiss from GRAMMY night:

Yes, the screenshots look ~intimate~, but in context, you can see it’s all in good fun. Watch the video below:

That wasn’t the only kiss Lewis got this weekend. The singer also locked lips with former Disney Channel actor and singer-songwriter Yungblud at a pre-GRAMMY party. We love to see it.

Though Lewis didn’t end the night with the Song of the Year trophy for “Someone You Loved” he was nominated for, he clearly had a pretty good night anyways — even if he was mistaken for a seat-filler at music’s biggest night.

He can laugh at himself and that’s all that matters! Niall and Lewis are going on the road together this spring for Niall’s Nice To Meet Ya tour!

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