Niall Horan Music Starts Playing During Ex Hailee Steinfeld’s Instagram Live

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Niall Horan Music Starts Playing During Ex Hailee Steinfeld s Instagram Live niall horan on hailee steinfeld ig story png

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How glorious is Instagram Live? It allows us to connect with our favorite celebrities and feel a little less distant during this time of social distancing. Unfortunately, it’s not a completely seamless platform and celebs haven’t figured out how to prevent the awkward moments that come with streaming anything live. We’ve watched live TV — we know how it goes! Around the same time when Justin Bieber accidentally added a woman masturbating to his Instagram Live, Hailee Steinfeld had another embarrassing (albeit less shocking) Instagram Live faux pas.

While she was announcing the release of her new song, “I Love You’s,” out on Thursday, March 26, Hailee had music playing in the background and she and her mom unpacked her new in-home studio. First, Hailee was listening to The Weeknd‘s new album, After Hours, but then the song “Black & White” by Niall Horan started playing. Hailee looked pretty awkward when it came on — especially because fans speculate the song is about her! Some swear they can hear Hailee tell her mom, “change the song!” when it came on.

Hailee’s most recent release, “Wrong Direction” was most likely about the ex-One Direction singer and people thought his track “Black & White” was about Hailee because of its comparisons to her song “Colour” with MNEK. The two called it quits in December of 2018 after about a year together and a long friendship prior to that. During a recent interview, Niall admitted he’s a “crappy communicator” which may be to blame for his ended relationships.

“I’m a bad communicator in relationships,” the “Small Talk” crooner told Fault. “I struggle to talk about things. I don’t like to let things build up in me and songwriting does help get it out but it can happen too late.”

For her part, “Wrong Direction” seems to suggest that Niall cheated on her, though reports at the time of their split say it was their incompatible “schedules” that got in the way.

Seems Hailee’s still listening to Niall’s new album — which just might be about her, anyways!