Nick Viall Responds To Rachel Bilson Dating Rumors With Evasive Joke

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People have been wondering WTF is going on with the “flirting” between Bachelor Nation alum Nick Viall and Hart of Dixie sweetheart Rachel Bilson since some eagle-eyed fans noticed little social media exchanges between the two public figures.

When asked by People about his relaysh with the former O.C. star, Nick said, “I’m not really defining any relationships these days.” For her part, she said, “I don’t want to talk about it” when asked directly if she was dating the The Bachelorette (two-time), Bachelor In Paradise, and The Bachelor reality star. But the two seem to have at least ~something~ going on since she appeared on his podcast, Viall Files, in July and he wrote about the meeting with a Bachelor reference, saying they, “chose to forgo [their] individual rooms,” which is a euphemism for spending the night together. Still, he could’ve just been being quirky. But the Instagram back-and-forth hasn’t stopped since then.

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Will we choose to forgo our individual rooms…

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Now, an Instagram user asked @commentsbycelebs to look into “THE FLIRTING BETWEEN NICK VIALL AND RACHEL BILSON” (her caps, not ours, but we stand by it). @Commentsbycelebs tagged Nick in the comment, writing, “can you pls weigh in we get this question DM’d to us 20+ times a day.”

Instead of ignoring the tag like he does to the hundreds of other tags sent to him on the daily, Nick did decide to respond. But instead of giving fans any clarifications, he just wrote, “damn bots.” Nick, come ON! Even so, fans feel pretty certain that “that’s an answer.”

According to a recent podcast episode, Nick said he was enjoying a ~mutually beneficial relationship~ but didn’t mention if it was with Rachel Bilson. I guess we’ll just have to keep up with our internet sleuthing and wait until one of these stars lets something slip.

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