Nicki Minaj May Have Just Revealed She Got Married On #QueenRadio

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Instagram / Nicki Minaj

The Barbz are currently freaking out — and for good reason. Nicki Minaj may have actually just revealed that she got married on her Queen radio show. Some people are saying the rapper snitched on herself — accidentally — by referring to Kenneth Petty as her “husband” while voicing some opinions on her radio show. We should probably add that #QueenRadio is always trending after Nicki decides to broadcast.

You’ll probably remember that Nicki’s current relaysh with Ken is not without controversy. The 41-year-old was convicted of attempted rape a couple decades ago and Nicki has staunchly defended him saying, basically, that they were teenagers and dating so it doesn’t count(???). It obviously still counts so perhaps the “Chun Li” singer should think of a better defense for her maybe-now-husband’s past rape attempt conviction. Then again, she could also denounce Chris Brown for his long, long history of abuse towards women but she probably won’t do that, either. Oh, and Ken also went to prison after pleading guilty for manslaughter charges. He and Nicki first dated long before that when she was a teenager and he was 21.

Okay, but back to the Barbies, ’cause they are having some FEELINGS:

While some are pretty convinced that Nicki Minaj is married — others think that she was saying “my husband” as a figure of speech. The same way you’d call your crush your bae or your boyfriend your hubby. Then again, she should know better. After all, Kylie Jenner can’t shake the Travis Scott marriage rumors after she referred to her baby daddy as “hubby” on Instagram.

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