Nikita Dragun’s Attempts To Defend James Charles May Have Made Everything Worse

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If it wasn’t already crazy enough, the James Charles and Tati Westbrook scandal just got even more complicated.

If you’re a bit rusty on the entire situation, everything kicked off when beauty influencer Tati Westbrook uploaded an outrageously long YouTube video detailing why she was done with her fellow influencer and former friend James Charles. Everything stemmed from James promoting SugarBearHair, which is a rival of Tati’s hair supplement brand Halo Beauty. Need more detaild? Click here for a quick refresher on the original vid.

James claimed that he only partnered with SugarBearHair to get help when he was being *attacked* at Coachella, and now his friend Nikita Dragun is backing him up. Nikita posted screenshots to Twitter that allegedly prove James’s sponsorship deal with the company wasn’t pre-planned and that it was, in fact, to get some extra security as he claimed.

What Nikita doesn’t seem to get is that Tati’s video was about a whole lot more than just the SugerBearHair deal, not to mention that her argument doesn’t quite add up. To counter Nikita’s tweets, YouTube drama channel Tea Spill revealed that James had told them the company reached out to him, not the other way around like Nikita’s screenshots seem to show.

Tea Spill’s text from James says: “So I was getting mobbed like crazy and the SugarBear team heard about it from a few influencers that were there and they texted me and were like, ‘Hey, James, we have an extra artist and safari pass for you and a friend if you need to get backstage.’”

They also shared this tweet showing messages from James saying that SugarBearHair asked him to promote them on Instagram Stories, whereas in the conversation with Nikita, it appeared to be his idea to Story.

One thing Nikita and Tea Spill have in common is that neither of them realizes that nobody really cares about the SugarBearHair deal, but that people are angry about James lying and about Tati’s “sexual predator” claims, which have since been backed up by quite a few people on social media.

“Everyone keeps talking about the vitamins. That’s not why he’s canceled,” one Twitter user said. Another wrote: “How do his friends not understand that it’s not just Tati crying about vitamins?! He’s a damn predator and Tati called him out on it. There’s no defending that.. how can they just ignore that?! Holy sh*t. How stuck up are they to continually think they’re right about it all.”

Some Twitter users are also speculating whether Nikita’s texts from James are even real or just “damage control.”

One person wrote: “Okay so these messages were 1) sent on the wrong week 2) appears incredibly scripted as if it was either premeditated that Tati would be upset and some damage control was already set up or this is a sloppy attempt at after the fact damage control.” Another said “I agree! Also, how is the sugar bear rep on dms at her beck n call the VERY second she sends the message? Not even my own mother answers me the moment/second i message her.”

This scandal is getting messier and messier by the day.

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