Noah Cyrus Responds To Tana Mongeau’s Claims Noah Hates Her Over Lil Xan

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Instagram / Tana Mongeau
Instagram / Noah Cyrus

If there wasn’t enough drama going down in the YouTube community this week, Tana Mongeau and Noah Cyrus just had an altercation over Lil Xan.

Who remembers Noah and Lil Xan’s emotional rollercoaster of a relationship? It involved cheating rumors, hysterical Instagram Stories, Hot Cheetos overdoses – the works. It ended in tears, unsurprisingly, and now Tana Mongeau is claiming Noah “hates” her because of her ex.

It all kicked off when Tana posted a video to her YouTube channel earlier this week in which she claimed Noah just like, hates her.

Instagram / Lil Xan

“I hear from a bunch of other people that [Noah] just, like, hates me,” Tana said in the 40-minute video. “It hurt. It still hurts.”

Tana alleges that Noah wasn’t happy at the 2018 MTV VMA’s when Lil Xan, her then-boyfriend, approached Tana to say hi.

“I turn to see Lil Xan beelining toward me,” Tana recalls. “And I see, out of my peripheral [vision], a very, very unhappy Noah Cyrus walking up to us. And I’m standing there… and she looks at me and it’s just this awkward-ass silence… She just looks so f*king unhappy that she even had to, like, walk up to us.”

Tana then alleges that she tried to compliment Noah to ease the tension, which didn’t go down well. “[Noah] looks at me up and down and goes, ‘Nice to meet you,’ … and just, like, shoulder-checks my ass.”

YouTube / Tana Mongeau

Ouch. Sounds like an awkward encounter to us. Understandably, Noah wasn’t happy with the “crazy girlfriend” story Tana told, so she took to Twitter to try clear the air.

“lol this is hilarious i deff dont hate you and for sure turned the opposite direction of you no shoulder check. lets hangout and talk about how bitchy girls are to other girls @tanamongeau dm me” she tweeted.

Are we the only ones sensing some passive aggressiveness in that tweet? If so, Tana seemed to ignore it anyway, replying to Noah saying: “Omg. wow. love u. love this. wow. girls sticking together.”

Don’t you just love girls supporting girls? The two are now in talks to make a YouTube video together to officially bury the hatchet and we’re so here for it.

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