Olivia Jade: Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Drops Out Of USC Amid Scandal

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Olivia Jade  Lori Loughlin s Daughter Drops Out Of USC Amid Scandal wenn33832057 640x400 jpg

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Page Six literally just reported that Olivia Jade has dropped out of USC following the revelation that she only got into the school because her mom, Aunt Becky Lori Loughlin, paid a stupid amount of money to The Key as a part of the college admissions scandal. No one is surprised that Olivia bailed because, in her own words, she “doesn’t really care about school.”

Olivia was dropped by two of her sponsors, Sephora and Tresemme, in the wake of the scandal according to TMZ, which is probably a bigger deal to her because she just wanted to be an influencer. Lori has also been dropped by Hallmark in the wake of the scandal, so IDK how she going to pay her bail now. Olivia’s sister, Isabella Rose, chose to drop out of USC as well and probs focus on her acting career. Apparently, the girls’ decisions were made because they were afraid of the vicious bullying they were most definitely going to endure when they came back from spring break.

Honestly, that’s fair. Olivia had to turn her yacht around and come home when she heard the news, which is the biggest meme I’ve ever heard (and it was the USC Board of Trustee director’s yacht, just to add comedy), and Lori and Olivia have both had to disable comments on their Instagram profiles because of some pretty vitriolic hate that was being spewed towards them. None of this would have happened if Lori and her husband, designer Mossimo Giannulli (who should be taking more of the blame for this too, IMO), had just given a bunch of money to USC for a “library” instead, like normal celebrities. There are perfectly legal ways for privileged white people to scam their way into college, after all.

The fallout from the college admission scandal has been swift, and a lawsuit has recently been filed against USC, Yale, and UCLA (where, full disclosure, I went to college after getting in based on *talent* and *sheer luck*) by disgruntled people that were rejected because their parents don’t get royalty checks from ABC Family syndication deals.

The real shocker here, though, is that people were shocked by this news at all. It’s been known that the wealthy use their influence to unjustly give their children an easier path to success, be it through donations, legacy affiliation, or just having the funds to pay for SAT tutors and elite private high school educations. This is just a really, really dumb way some people decided to go about it that will actually allow them to be prosecuted. It sucks, but at least, in this case, we can do something about it. If anyone has ideas on how to fix the false meritocracy that is our elitist higher education system (…so, free tuition?), LMK.