Olivia Jade Responds to College Cheating Scandal… By Disabling IG Comments

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While most people are reporting on Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin as the only two ~huge~ names in the Operation Varsity Blues college admissions cheating scandal, Gen-Z’ers know another one — Olivia Jade, the Full House star’s daughter and a social media influencer, who allegedly got into University of Southern California using falsified documents that said she was on her high school rowing team after her mom and dad (again, allegedly) paid quite a pretty penny. Reports say the two paid a bribe of almost $500,000 to get Jade and her sister into USC.

Olivia Jade Giannulli boasts upwards of one million Instagram followers and nearly two million YouTube subscribers, but most of the people who have flocked to her social media accounts in the last 24 hours we would guess aren’t big fans. Instead, Olivia’s been swarmed with comments about her parents’ wrongdoing, and how privileged she is for getting into an elite university after professing, on many occasions, how much she hates school and studying — but that she did want to go to college to party and see football games.

Get the picture? It doesn’t look so good. Yesterday, there were reports that Olivia’s social media accounts were “under attack.” Now it seems like Olivia Jade has responded to Operation Varsity Blues cheating scandal by disabling her Instagram comments for her two most recent posts, and routinely going through YT comments and deleting them (according to people who claim they commented). She’s also begun disabling comments on her YouTube videos — including this one. Mom Lori Loughlin just deleted her social media altogether, but considering Olivia Jade is on the record saying she cares more about her career as an influencer over her education, it makes sense why she’d avoid doing that.

Obviously, we all know that cyberbullying isn’t cool and this *teenager* shouldn’t have to disable her Instagram comments over a mistake her parents made. After all, if she was so upfront about hating school and her parents were willing to bribe her way into an elite university anyways, there must be a lot of pressure to succeed academically (at least on paper) in the Loughlin-Giannulli household. That said, at this point, she should probably just leave USC, pay for an actual woman rower to go to the college for all four years, and continue her life as a ~social media influencer~.

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