Olivia Jade Subtly Returns To Social Media After College Admissions Scandal

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There have been so many YouTuber scandals this year, it’s getting hard to keep up. While James Charles getting canceled because of his pattern of harassment towards men who tell him they aren’t interested is fresh on our minds, who can forget when Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne broke up? Or Danielle Cohn‘s fake baby? At this point, Olivia Jade‘s involvement in the Operation “Varsity Blues” cheating scandal that’s boosted her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, into popular conversation along with Felicity Huffman is secondary to all the other $h*! going on in the YT community. So, it makes sense that the beauty guru has decided to subtly begin making her return to the public eye.

The 19-year-old was spotted clubbing earlier this week with a couple other YouTube stars in West Hollywood, which is pretty on-brand considering Olivia once said in her video about going to the University of Southern California that she was really only excited to party and go to football games. But she hasn’t posted a new YouTube video, Instagram, Instagram Story, or tweet since her comments were flooded with negativity so much that she had to disable them in March.

Twotter / Olivia Jade

But recently, she made her first appearance on social media in more than two months in the form of a ‘like’ to a May 14th tweet. We’ve got to admit that out of all the things that this supposedly-shallow YouTuber could ‘like,’ this one’s a solid choice. The video shows a young guy talking about how harmful and ineffective an abortion ban in the United States would be — and how pro-life only extends to babies until they’re born, then they’re left to their own devices while the government and general public turn their backs on a child in need. You can watch it below:

This is very likely Olivia Jade dipping her toes in the water to see if the world is ready for her to come back and begin her work as a social media influencer again. Prior to the college admissions scandal, Olivia Jade was uploading around five videos to YouTube per month and making up to $6K monthly, per Social Blade, tweeting almost every other day, and posting Instagrams weekly. She’s been on hiatus since her parents were outed for allegedly paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to fake photos of Olivia and her sister, Isabella Rose, on a high school rowing team in order to gain acceptance to the University. Isabella and Olivia have stopped attending classes since, even though Aunt Becky and her fashion designer hubby pleaded “not guilty” to the charges.

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