Pete Davidson And Kate Beckinsale Made Out Next To A Very Concerned Antoni Porowski

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pete davidson and kate beckinsale

Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com
Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Antoni Porowski has always know what’s up, so it makes sense that he’s just as concerned about Kate Beckinsale‘s new fling with Pete Davidson as the rest of us. Antoni had the misfortune of sitting next to Kate and Pete at a Rangers game over the weekend, where the May-December romance made out so aggressively that it’s hard to tell where Pete’s tongue stops and Kate’s begins.

Exhibit A:

Honestly, we DGAF that Kate is twenty years older than Pete or that he’s clearly using her as a rebound. We *do* GAF that they decided to suck face this aggressively in public. It’s honestly a little gross and majorly tacky. For those of you who try to defend massively public PDA, let these photos of Antoni trying to look anywhere except at the After commercial happening next to him remind you that there are trapped, innocent bystanders who don’t need to deal with it. It’s just common courtesy.

Like, sure, we’re definitely just jealous because Pete is *our* mental boyfriend, but if the undeniable king of Instagram thirst traps can’t deal with your public face sucking, that’s when it’s time to dial it back a tad. Our fave Queer Eye expert spends enough of his time online posing in his underwear that he’s clearly comfortable with a certain degree of TMI. Let him be a guide for how much is too much.

We’re hoping this leads to Pete getting his own episode of Queer Eye. If he’s already this much of a babe, imagine how unstoppable he’d be if the Fab Five taught him how to dress like a person or introduced him to the wonders of fake tanner (or just… the sun).

Pete and Kate have apparently been dating since a Golden Globes after-party, where they were seen leaving together. Since then, they’ve been spotted together at Pete’s stand-up show in Los Angeles last month and a handful of SNL after-parties. Pete recently got out of a highly-public engagement with the biggest pop star in the world, Ariana Grande, and Kate was publicly linked to another younger hot comedian, Jack Whitehall, in November 2018.

Looking back at Kate’s dating history, she hasn’t been with anyone over thirty since her divorce from Len Wiseman in 2015 and has had a string of short-lived flings with younger guys including twenty-one-year-old comedian Matt Rife in 2017. Seems like anyone who’s surprised by her romance with Pete hasn’t been paying attention because he’s exactly her type: a 20-something comedian.

No tea, no shade. If we were a middle-aged divorcée and we were still that hot, we’d be messing around with younger guys, too. Solidarity, sister.

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