Reality Steve Says Tayshia & John Paul Jones From Bachelor In Paradise Are Faking Their Relationship

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JPJ Tayshia SPlit

Instagram / Tayshia Adams

The Bachelor In Paradise reunion aired on Tuesday night and naturally, there has been a ton of drama surrounding the couples ever since. One of the major takings from the reunion was that Tayshia and John Paul Jones rekindled their relationship and are super loved up again. Despite the couple taking their relationship and making it social media official, there are reports that the entire thing is a hoax for publicity. Say it ain’t so!

Earlier this week, reliable Bachelor spoiler source Reality Steve tweeted that he believes Tayshia and JPJ are donezo, despite what we saw on the reunion episode. He reminded viewers that the reunion episode was filmed on August 27th, and a lot can happen in three weeks, you guys!

Tayshia and JPJ have been doing a pretty good job of showing some PDA across social media since the reunion, posting pics together and tweeting pet names at each other. It’s disgustingly sweet.

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Schmoopy? Yea, we don’t know. Reality Steve has seen this, but it hasn’t stopped him from thinking it’s all fake news.

It looks like Tayshia has had enough of the breakup rumors because she’s clapped back at fans who are questioning the legitimacy of her relationship with JPJ. In response to an Instagram comment saying, “Reality Steve says ya’ll are no longer together,” Tayshia wrote: “Guess what…he’s wrong!!!!” and later added “It’s kinda bizarre! Always ready to harp on anything negative about me!…Reality Steve Who???”

Tayshia JPJ split

Instagram / Tayshia via Cosmopolitan

Tayshia JPJ split

Instagram / Tayshia via Cosmopolitan

Reality Steve isn’t too bothered about Tayshia’s response, as he still believes they’re lying for clout. In response to a commenter who informed him that Tayshia said he’s wrong, Steve wrote: “At no point in my column do I ever write the words ‘I don’t think they’re together.’ So, not correct. I’ll believe what I believe, and that is that they’re lying, and you believe what they say. That’s fine. No need to respond anymore.”

Anyone else kind of invested in Taypj now and hoping Steve is all wrong?

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