Read This Ridiculous Fan Theory That Taylor Swift Is Drake’s Baby-Mama

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Honestly, people must be bored right now. A new crazy fan theory is circulating on the internet that Miss Americana AKA Taylor Swift is the mother of Drake‘s baby, two-year-old Adonis Graham.

Drake recently shared the first-ever public photos of his son, Adonis, who was at the center of his feud with Kanye West and Pusha T, since Drake hadn’t announced that he even had a son before Pusha put a lyric out suggesting such in one of his tracks. But apparently, the photos Aubrey Graham published of Adonis that showed the toddler’s pale skin and tightly-wound blonde curls have instigated theories that Taylor and Drake had a love child and that’s why she disappeared from mid-2016 to mid-2017.

In fall 2016, there were rumors circulating that Drake and Taylor were working on a collaboration. Naturally, around the same time, there were rumors that the pair was dating — especially after she showed up at his 30th birthday party in October. Both Taylor and Drake claimed to be ‘just friends,’ but we know how that goes when it comes to fan rumors. They weren’t seen together much after the party and, of course, this was also just after Kim Kardashian and Kanye made T.S. public enemy number one. Taylor wasn’t seen out in public until she made her return to the public eye in summer 2017 — ten months after Drake’s birthday party.

Of course, Taylor returned for her reputation era and many noticed that the star looked physically different — which her documentary Miss Americana explained was due to her recovery from an eating disorder. Of course, these crazy Taylor Swift fan theorists believe her figure changed as a result of having a baby. They also shared pics of a young Taylor, who also had tightly-wound blonde curls and pale skin.

It seems that these particular Swifties are ignoring that Drake admitted that Adonis’s mother is french adult film star Sophie Brussaux — and also that Taylor would legit never abandon her own child. Plus, Adonis’s birthday is apparently October 11, 2017, and T.S. was already back in the public eye by then.

Just look at this happy family photo:

We’ve seen some ridiculous fan theories before, but this one just might top them all….

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