Here’s Why Fans Think Riverdale Stars Camila Mendes & Charles Melton Broke Up

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Riverdale couple Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse seem to be going stronger than ever (or did no one else see their photobooth makeout sesh at Kiernan Shipka‘s birthday party?), but another Riverdale couple may be facing trouble in paradise. Camila Mendes and Charles Melton, who started dating during summer 2018, have sparked breakup rumors since the two haven’t been spotted together in quite some time now and haven’t been throwing each other any ~love~ on social media, either.

Their last official “couples” post was on their one-year anniversary, August 24, when Charles posted “I love you.” Cami didn’t post to her feed but did wish her boo a happy anniversary via IG Story. Prior to that, the two were pretty consistent posting loved-up and goofy pics on a regular basis (if not more often). Charles did post a pic with Camila in it a couple weeks ago, but the caption just had some football emojis and Vanessa Morgan and Madelaine Petsch were also in the picture, making it more of a Riverdale cast photo instead of a Charmila pic.

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In early October, the two had their last publicly-seen date when Charles and Camila took a helicopter ride around Vancouver. Cami posted about it on her Story, as did the heli pilot on Twitter, and that’s the last the two were spotted together. That, and the fact that Charles and Camila haven’t been very active on one another’s social media posts sparked rumors that a split has happened in the past month.

“I think Charmila have broken up coz usually they like all of each other’s photos but Cami hasn’t liked melons 5 recents I think and melon hasn’t liked her 3 recents when they have both clearly been active on social media … Cami has been seeking therapy like she said on twitter and those songs she has posted on her story r very suspicious [sic],” one Kjmila shipper wrote. (Kjmila shippers support the relationship between Cami and KJ Apa, who plays her on-screen boyfriend on Riverdale.)

The two songs the Tweeter referred to are “As Long As You’re Asleep” by Sabrina Claudio and Brandy, Daniel Caesar‘s “Love Again.” Both songs are sad love songs about a partner or ex who doesn’t seem to pay much mind to the singer and feature lyrics like “So even if … You lay with her … As long as you’re asleep … She’s not gettin’ what you gave to me,” and “Really thought you knew the deal, oh / Oh well, I guess that’s what happens / When two fools be falling in love / Mixing some pain and some passion / Nothing is ever enough.”

It should be noted that the two are incredibly busy. After all, Charles made his leading movie debut in The Sun Is Also A Star with Yara Shahidi earlier this year, has his next movie Bad Boys For Life premiering early next year, and is filming Swing with Michael Shannon. Cami, for her part, had three movies premiere in 2019 and has two in post-production currently for 2020 releases. All that while the two take on their respective roles on The CW hit show.

Some fans think the Camila Mendes and Charles Melton breakup rumors are completely unfounded and even think they’re a good example of how toxic fandoms can be. Basically, because some people like the “Varchie” relationship on RD Veronica and Archie, played by Camila and KJ, respectively, they actively spew negativity towards their real-life relationships.

If we’ve learned anything from the Sprousehart breakup rumors of summer 2019, it’s that we really, really, really shouldn’t jump to any conclusions until either of the actors come out and make a statement themselves.

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