Riverdale Star Vanessa Morgan Claps Back To Troll In Blackface

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You might know Vanessa Morgan for her role as Bird on MTV‘s Finding Carter, or from The Shannara Chronicles, or Geek Charming. But you probably know her from The CW hit show Riverdale based on the Archie Comics. But soon, you’ll probably know her as a powerful activist. We stan a legend who’s bad ass on screen and off screen.

The 27-year-old actress saw the viral video that shows a 15-year-old black boy getting his head pounded on the concrete by two Florida police officers, each of whom is significantly larger than he, after the young man allegedly picked up the cellphone that dropped of another black teen who was being arrested. The video is heartbreaking, violent, and disturbing, and the officers’ only defense is that the 15-year-old seemed “aggressive,” according to Buzzfeed News. The shocking video started the hashtag #Justice4Lucca after the boy was identified as “Lucca” or “Delucca” on the internet.

Several prominent celebrities spoke out to condemn the officers in question, including Vanessa Morgan, but it’s the work she did after her initial post that we’re talking about here.

She also retweeted a post calling for the sheriff to drop charges against DeLucca and fire the officers who used “excessive force,” according to the post, adding, “Assault on a child? He needs to be charged.”

Afterward, she came upon a video of a guy in blackface and spoke up about how that act of racism is still incredibly painful, responding to a since-deleted tweet defending the action.

For the record, the guy in the video claims he was “not doing blackface” and that is “was not meant to be racist,” before changing his Twitter and Instagram handle or deleting his account.

That doesn’t quite cut it.