Ross Lynch & Gavin Leatherwood Are The Real Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Couple Goals

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Describe an ideal couple. It probably sounds something like this: adorable height difference, affectionate Insta shoutouts, the pretense of will-they-won’t-they subtlety. Congratulations, you’ve just described your newest Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #CoupleGoals, Ross Lynch and Gavin Leatherwood.

Okay, so Ross and Gavin aren’t actually ~dating~ (they’re both presumed straight, a major W for heterosexual women everywhere), but their Insta bromance is the purest thing we’ve seen on the internet since that Vine of a sleepy puppy trying to swim. Most recently, Gavin posted a picture of Ross and him in a loving embrace, wearing black because they’re clearly in mourning that they won’t get to spend every day together once CAOS filming goes on their hiatus. Look how Gavin’s head fits perfectly under Ross’s chin. Your #MCM could never! This also begs the question: is Ross Lynch really tall or is Gavin Leatherwood really short? (Spoiler: it’s both.)

Gavin also posted on Insta with an inspirational quote from his main bro on Sunday:

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“All you have is your next choice.” -Ross Lynch ?

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And this subtle flex in July:

And this pic right after his CAOS casting announcement, proving Ross and Gavin are each other’s day ones:

Ross has been a little more guarded on Insta, but he’s spoken to the press about their burgeoning ship:

“I wanna say that I love Gavin Leatherwood as a human being,” Ross told The Wrap in November. “We’ve just got on so great, the whole cast, but I feel like we have a really good relationship.”

Ross plays Kiernan Shipka‘s main love interest Harvey Kinkle on Netflix’s spooky Archie Comics revival and Gavin plays his devilish competition, Nick Scratch. Nick’s finally got a fighting chance at Sabrina Spellman’s heart on Part 2 of the series, which has just been renewed for Parts 3 and 4, now that the teenage witch has to fully embrace her witchy side. It’s awesome that this off-screen love triangle has so much love of each other off-screen.

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Renewal feels!!! ??

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If a little Satan-worshipping is all we need to get into this clique, Praise Satan!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns to Netflix with new episodes on April 5, 2019, and we can’t wait.

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