People Think Ross Lynch & Jaz Sinclair Got Back Together For Chilling Adventures PR

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TBH, our “Raz“-shipping hearts could not handle it if their reunion wasn’t legit. This past weekend, both Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair posted some cute AF pics from date nights, which included yeeting over to Paris for a Balmain fashion show, getting street artists to draw their portraits, and sharing an umbrella in the rain. Anyone else feeling super single right now?

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Merci Paris ?

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Quite the enchanted evening Thanks @balmain

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But these photos come after Ross confirmed he was single during an interview last summer, and even after rumors that the Driver Era musician was hooking up with another Chilling Adventures of Sabrina costar, Abbey Cowen. So, what gives? Chilling Adventures part three premieres on Friday, so fans are feeling a *little* skeptical that the two are being so publicly lovey-dovey after months and months and months of silence from the pair — except, of course, this cuddly Christmas pic that Jaz posted last month.

Naturally, fans are full of conspiracy theories — and not just ones involving CAOS part three. Some think that Jaz and Ross’s renion is purely for PR for the show — and that maybe the two were never *really* together at all! (Say it ain’t so.)

But other fans are clapping back to publicity stunt rumors, rightfully pointing out that the “ship” between their characters Harvey Kinkle and Rosalind Walker isn’t all that beloved by fans.

We’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out. Not going to lie, if the two have suspiciously split by like… next summer… we might get a little more into these PR stunt conspiracy theories, but for now, can’t we just revel in how cute this couple is? Valentine’s Day is coming up and we hope they’re spending it together.

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