Jaz Sinclair & Ross Lynch Back In Each Other’s Arms Months After Reported Breakup

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Honestly, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina cast always keeps us guessing. We low-key thought Kiernan Shipka and Gavin Leatherwood might be a thing until she made it very, very obvious that she’s been dating Christian Coppola for almost a year. (We were shocked, too.)

Now, Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair are back in each other’s arms after their speculated breakup last summer — literally.

The actress who plays Rosalind on the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot shared a few pics from a Christmas pajama party with some friends and co-stars including Lach Watson, Gavin, and Sabrina. One of the photos on her Story, though, got people talking because it showed Ross with his arms intimately wrapped around his said-to-be ex-girlfriend.

In August, Ross said during an interview with brother Rocky Lynch that “[girls] want to be above the music and that’s just not cutting it yet,” mentioning they both wish “a girl … could be there with [them].” This tipped most people off that Ross and Jaz were in a relationship no more. Sleuths also realized that photos of the two were deleted from Instagram. But now? We don’t know what to think. After all, the two hardly confirmed they were dating in the first place!

Jaz’s photo has fans divided because fans theorized that Ross had rebounded with another Chilling Adventures star, Abbey Cowen since the two were spotted out in Vancouver looking close. There were also reports that Jaz ‘unfollowed’ Abbey on social media. However, the two are currently following each other so those rumors may be unsubstantiated.

All the speculation on the relationship is unproductive, though, because not a single person actually involved has spoken on the relationship status of any of these people. We can only hope that Ross, Jaz, and Abbey are all happy — individually, together, or whatever — and that there’s peace on set. After all, we would hate to see CAOS canceled just because its actors can’t get along. We’ve seen it happen before and we will *not* let it happen to our favorite spooky Netflix show!

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