ICYMI: Ross Lynch & Jaz Sinclair Are The Hot New Archie Comics Couple

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What are they putting in the water over at Archie Comics? First, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart became our couple goals, then Camila Mendes and Charles Melton got together, and now Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair have basically made it official. Madeleine Petsch and her boyfriend also met through the Archie audition process, so Archie Comics officially has a higher romantic success rate than Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge combined.

We all had our suspicions when Jaz shared a super simpy birthday post for Ross filled with pictures of the pair hanging outside of work and when Ross posted a birthday morning pic shouting out Jaz and his main bro Gavin Leatherwood. I don’t know how male friendships work, but I’m pretty sure Ross wouldn’t be hanging with Jaz just in his tighty-whities if there wasn’t at least a lil something going on there. I don’t care how artsy Ross is, you can’t look at this pic and not think it’s a little *too* intimate.

The new ship was confirmed accidentally in Rydell Lynch‘s Instagram Story on New Year’s Eve when Ross and Jaz were caught aggressively kissing in the background of his IG video. And when I say aggressively kissing, I mean *aggressively* kissing. It looks like they’re literally going to fall over, and it would be hilarious if my heart wasn’t breaking into a million tiny pieces right now.

Cross-referencing Ross’s Insta feed with Jaz’s birthday post, the pair have been dating since at least November 24 when they went on a Los Angeles hike (thanks, Huji timestamps), but rumors have been going around since Ross posted an artsy photo of Jaz and Tatiana Hobson smoking a joint in April. Ross’s brother Rocky Lynch came into town to meet Jaz on her birthday, so it’s probably pretty serious between the young lovebirds.

Jaz and Ross are super cute, and we can’t believe it took us nine whole days to hear about our new favorite Archie Comics couple. We can’t wait for the couple to decide to make it official themselves (instead of just being outed by Ross’s sister on social media) after the months of convenient “group hang” pics that were probably meant to cover their tracks. Congrats to the happy couple, we’re legit happy these two found each other. Now exuse me while I go drink an entire bottle of wine by myself because finding out that our favorite R5 guy (sorry, Riker) is a little too much to handle.

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