Ross Lynch Said He Was In A Real-Life Love Triangle On Set & We Think We Know With Whom

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ross lynch love triangle

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Ross Lynch is the king of oversharing. Remember that one Cosmo video where he talked about hooking up with girls in the same room as his brother? Yeah, we can’t forget it either. Ross might play timid nice-guy Harvey Kinkle on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but in real life, Ross pretty much sums up why we don’t date musicians anymore. You’ve got to hand it to him, though, he must be a phenomenal actor because we’re legit shocked every time we see Ross doing a press tour as himself. Our latest revelation came from another Cosmo interview, where Ross heavily hinted that there was an IRL love triangle going on while he was filming Teen Beach Movie for Disney Channel.

When asked if he’s ever been in a love triangle, Ross responded that it’s happened a few times, specifying, “Teen Beach Movie was a love triangle.”

The interviewer assumed he was confused and tried to clarify that she meant a *real* love triangle, and he said that he knew what she meant.

“I was 16 at the time of the first movie, but it was basically a bunch of high school students or college students. And they just put us on an island in the Caribbean for two months,” Ross said, trying to play it coy. “Imagine, you know, Puerto Rico. It’s the beach. It’s beautiful weather and it rains occasionally. Because it’s a tropical island. And we’ll all get dressed up and go to little salsa clubs dancing into the night.”

Now that we’re sufficiently jealous, we did some digging into who *exactly* from TBM might have been the lucky ladies. Our money is on Morgan Larson, one of the movie’s dancers, and Maia Mitchell. Morgan is probably the girl in this cheeky photo he posted on IG in 2013 (although some people think its Mollee Gray):

That is the face of a teen in love. Also, his hair looked fantastic there, JS. There were rumors at the time that he was dating Morgan because they were seen partying together (perhaps at those salsa clubs he talked about?), but they were being spread at the exact same time he was being shipped with his Teen Beach co-star Maia.

Ross’s tendency for stirring the pot in interviews goes way back, and in 2015, he told Hollywood Life about a spontaneous kiss he shared with Maia on camera. That does not sound like something that would happen if there wasn’t a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ going on off-set, too.

If it was anyone else, there would probably be no hope of ever knowing the truth about Ross’s epic beach love triangle, but this is Ross Lynch we’re talking about here. With his track record, it would be more surprising if he *didn’t* let something slip in an interview sometime soon. And if Ross is looking for someone to enter into a love triangle with him and his rumored GF Jaz Sinclair, will someone tell him we’re available?

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