OG Ross Lynch Fans Welcome New Twitter Stans To The Club… With Some Shade

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ross lynch riptide music festival


In case you hadn’t heard, Ross Lynch was trending on Twitter yesterday. It had something to do with a swoon-worthy video of him singing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida during Riptide Music Festival. We’re going to post it below, but spoiler alert: he’s got glitter on his face, a Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned, and he’s doing some eyebrow-raising dance moves. Oh, and he looks really, really, really hot.

Ross has seen a spike in popularity since starring as Harvey Kinkle on Netflix‘s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with Kiernan Shipka, but OG fans know him from his tenure on Disney Channel. The actor starred on Austin & Ally, Teen Beach Movie (an ICONIC Disney Channel Original Movie, IOHO), and performed in a band with his brothers and sister called R5. While many of us are stoked that our boy is finally getting the attention he deserves, others are slightly *irritated* that people slept on his sexiness for so long and are just now joining the Ross Lynch fan club. (We, truthfully, fall somewhere in between.)

Ross isn’t the most active on Twitter, so he hasn’t talked about the fact that he’s Twitter’s Stan of The Month, but we’ll be refreshing his social media pages until he does. Oh, and to see some behind-the-scenes pics from Riptide fest and more of that outfit! We’ve got this to tide us over for now.

BRB, just printing out a full-size poster to hang next to all of the other ones I cut out from magazines in 2014.

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