Ross Lynch Claps Back At Racist Haters Commenting On Co-Star GF’s Instagram

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part two is live on Netflix and fans are enthused. So enthused, in fact, a lot of them stayed up all night binge-watching the new episodes. It’s no surprise that the fandom is passionate — the witchy reboot is part of the same universe as Riverdale, whose fans are also wildly passionate.

While some use the passion for good, others? Not so much. Jaz Sinclair has been romantically linked to Ross Lynch for a few months now, and the two play Roz and Harvey Kinkle respectively. Unfortunately, thirsty Harvey fans, or possibly stragglers from Ross’s R5/Disney Channel days, aren’t too happy about the pairing and have been inundating Jaz’s Instagram comments with a torrent of disgusting words about her race, body, and personality.

But that doesn’t mean all Ross Lynch are terrible, ugly (on the inside) racists. Quite a few have her back, and one of them is her rumored bae himself.

A fan account called @rusherandr5 posted a loooong caption with a photo of Ross and Jaz, writing, “Guys really LEAVE JAZ’S COMMENTS/ACCOUNT ALONE! If you only go there to be racist and disrespectful just DON’T go. You have the right to not like someone but you don’t have the right to hate on them and make them feel like they don’t have value. Everyone deserves respect and doesn’t matter the color of the skin or the religion or if it’s fat or skinny, that are only details, details that with a good heart and soul mean nothing! So please if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t follow her, don’t comment on her posts and don’t even try reach her. Just live your life. And don’t come here like ‘it’s easy to talk’ LIKE I am not her fan and you don’t see me go to her account comment something racist or call her names. Just keep in your line and let her keep in hers. Is that hard to live in a peaceful place where people actually can live with differences and respect, I don’t even say love everyone, just respect.”

The Driver Era crooner responded with a simple and delicate, “F*ck the haters.”

This isn’t the first time a Archie comics actor has had to defend their partner from trolling. Lili Reinhart took a hiatus from Twitter after she felt people were speaking too negatively about her Riverdale co-stars and her boyfriend, Cole Sprouse, and Camila Mendes did the same when a fake fan said she looked happier with ex Victor Houston than her current bae (and co-star), Charles Melton. What’s with all these Archie universe actors hooking up? Who’s next? Lucy Hale and Zane Holtz?

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