Sabrina Carpenter Apologizes For Her Boyfriend ‘Liking’ Transphobic & Racist Tweets

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Sabrina Carpenter is speaking out after her boyfriend, Griffin Gluck was exposed for ‘liking’ a series of tweets a few months ago that spouted anti-transgender, fatphobic, and racist sentiments. Someone also found an old Instagram comment of his that allegedly used the n-word. It does not appear that Griffin himself apologized for the lapse in judgment.

In a text post published to Instagram, Sabrina wrote, “I realized there’s simply no way to have the truth be perceived the way you want… but I am so terribly sorry that someone i have associated with had done things in the past to make you question my character in the present. I didn’t know them at that time. That is not who i know them to be now.”

She continued, “I’m sorry some of you felt personally victimized, i understand if you were hurt or confused but, as it wasn’t my actions, i didn’t feel it was my place to explain, other than what I’ve already said which is, I’m not in support of those past actions. Nothing i say will be the right exact thing to fully make you happy or understand the situation but i hope you know none of us will ever grow if we don’t allow others a chance to grow.”

“i am a little tired of walking on eggshells, and i miss talking to [the fans],” the Girl Meets World actress wrote. “it just recently felt less like talking/listening to each other and more just attacking/assuming. So that’s where i had to step back for health reasons. Not to ignore or avoid but simply to process.”

You can read her full post here:

The fans were mixed in their reaction to Sabrina’s apology. Some believe that a “sorry” with a qualifier (and so many of them, at that) doesn’t really count as an apology. Others said it was unfair that Sabrina would have to apologize for the mistakes made by her partner.

Ultimately, it’s Griffin’s responsibility to own up to his own mistakes and it doesn’t seem like he’s done that yet — publicly, at least.

Griffin and Sabrina met on-set of Netflix‘s Tall Girl and have been publicly dating since last summer.

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