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Lucy Hale’s Got a Crush on a Bachelor Alum & Sarah Hyland Wants Wells Adams to Set Them Up

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That’s a whole lot of celebrity names in one sentence! This isn’t the first time that a huge celebrity has fallen for someone made famous on The Bachelor franchise. Courtney Robertson from Ben Flajnik‘s season had a fling with Jesse Metcalfe and Ben himself allegedly dated Kris Jenner for a minute. Then there are the current celebrity-Bach couples — Nick Viall and January Jones‘s relationship has been speculated on since last fall and Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are going so strong they’ve moved in together! Now, it looks like Sarah’s trying to help another TV actress (and good friend) find love within Bachelor Nation – Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale!

After Lucy tweeted about Joe Amabile a.k.a. Grocery Store Joe a.k.a. Joe the Grocer – the Modern Family actress decided to alert her BF, knowing that he could have the inside scoop.

There are just a few hitches, though. First and foremost, Joe was looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise and although they’ve already filmed the season of the show, there’s no word on if he left Paradise single, in a relationship, or even possibly engaged! That said, Wells was the bartender during the upcoming season so he can definitely give Lucy the D.L. on if she’s got a shot or not.

The other problem is that last we checked, the Life Sentence actress was dating Ryan Rottman after her split from co-star Riley Smith. The two were spotted holding hands at Starbucks last month, with a source telling Us Weekly they were “hooking up.” It’s possible their thing didn’t work out or is non-exclusive… but it’s also possible that Lucy’s just got a harmless crush but actually isn’t on the market or looking to make Grocery Store Joe her man. Either way, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any updates. Sarah and Wells first started chatting on social media, meaning Lucy and Joe could easily follow in their footsteps. Future double dates between this foursome would be cute AF, no?

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