Scooter Braun Finally Addresses Feud With Taylor Swift: “The Truth Always Comes Out”

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Taylor Scooter Feud


When we look back on the summer of 2019, we’ll remember the biggest pop culture scandal of the year. Back in July, some of the biggest names in music — including Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and Scooter Braun began feuding when Scooter purchased Big Machine Records, and therefore acquired Taylor’s master recordings. Taylor publicly called Scooter and her former manager, Scott Borchetta out for going behind her back and making the deal, and Justin got involved and defended Scooter, who has been his manager since he first started making waves in the music industry. If you need a recap, pause reading and click here.

At the time of the feud, many people in the music industry began speaking out in defense of both Taylor and Scooter, and Taylor also gave multiple quotes on the issue during interviews. This week, Scooter has addressed the scandal for the first time, and he’s maintaining that he never purchased Taylor’s masters with malicious intent, like she had previously claimed.

In the latest episode of Tony Gonzalez’s Wide Open podcast, Scooter commented on the issue with Taylor. According to People, he told the podcast host: “I went through some drama recently, and then put my phone down, looked at my friends and my family … and I was like, ‘I’m good … I’m happy.’ And people question your integrity. They talk sh*t.”

“You got to know your intention,” he continued. “I think you should have no regrets in life unless you do something with malicious intent. If I go through life with no malicious intent … hurt people hurt people. They’re going to project it onto you, they are going to say certain things.”

While the feud was unfolding, Scooter received backlash from Taylor’s fans, the media, as well as members of the music community. Scooter told Tony that he dealt with the hate by reassuring himself of his “truth.”

“I used to get really angry, but now I am at a place where this is just an opportunity for me long-term to really truly show my truth,” he said, People reports.

“It’s hard when you get attacked and it’s not based on any truth, but for that other person it may be based in truth but they don’t have all the information,” he explained. “And that’s why I am always open to communication and having a conversation with someone and saying, ‘Maybe this was a misunderstanding and I am happy to have the conversation with you.’ But not everybody is willing to do that and you can’t go through life thinking you’re going to be friends and everyone is going to like you.”

“I try to do the right thing,” he finished. “Not everyone is going to be happy with what you do. I think in the long-term, I’ve learned this over time, the truth always comes out. And I am confident in that.”

Taylor has publicly referred to her feud with Scooter numerous times in the last few months, despite this, Scooter congratulated the singer on the release of her latest studio album Lover back in August.

Since the scandal, Taylor has announced plans to re-record her masters and finally own her catalog of music.

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